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Have you ever come across someone you knew who committed an unusual or unlawful act towards themselves or others and it was a huge surprise to you?  Why were you so surprised? Maybe it’s because you didn’t think that person had it in them to do what they did in the first place. The truth is, we almost never see it coming because we only see and care about who people are from a surface level. We believe who people present themselves to be as truly who they are.  However, it can be quite difficult to see them any differently if they’re only giving us the part of themselves they want us to see.

Throughout the week, my husband likes to read the newspaper to me while he’s getting ready for work and he always comes across stories of seemingly normal people who committed some of the most obscene acts like a star high school football player who abruptly commits suicide without any warning or someone who had uncontrollable road rage and actually jumps out of their car to fight a stranger. Sometimes the article has a quote from someone who knew the offender personally and they appear to be just as shocked as the rest of the world. The person who knew the offender sometimes says things like, “That doesn’t sound like the person I know! No one knew he was having issues! The person I know is loving and kind; they were great parents or an awesome coworker and would have given you the shirt off their back!” Sometimes, if the offender has a chance to be interviewed or leaves behind pertinent information, we can get a glimpse of what was taking place in their heart and we often find issues that had been brewing long before the act ever was committed.

What does it mean to snap?

Although majority of us see someone who snaps, as a person who just “lost it” over something trivial and ended up committing a violent and thoughtless act, most psychologists would probably see it as a “psychological build up” of unresolved issues that became too heavy for the mind to hold. Consequently, the person acts out in fits of rage or anger towards themselves or others. I believe this is true but I would like to broaden this term to include a person who acts out against their moral conscience in any way in order to find relief from the weight of what was internally binding him or her. With this term being extended, many (if not all) of us would fit into the category of potentially “snapping”. Therefore, I believe that snapping can simply be the outcome of where your heart leads you in order to find its relief.

Imagine a net that has held many different kinds of heavy objects in it for a long time. On top of that, more things continue to build on top of what is already in it. After a while, the heavy matter will eventually start to weaken the net, causing parts of it to thin out and begin to unravel. Not knowing exactly when but if left unnoticed and if the pile up continues, the net will eventually be down to its last string causing it to snap or break. The objects that fall out first will less likely be the things at the top of the net but will probably be the things that were buried the deepest.

This net is like our heart in the sense that it was never meant to retain issues, moreover, an overload of issues. Yet when we accumulate and hold on to large amounts of unresolved sin and issues in our life it has a tendency to weigh the heart down. This weight slowly causes each strand of sanity, dignity and uprightness to unravel and finally snap into doing things we would never dream of doing before and most of the time it is due to those unresolved issues that has been sitting all the way at the bottom of our hearts.

I mentioned in my book, Lord, Make Me Good Ground, that by nature, our hearts are filled with the corruption of this world but it was never meant to hold such damaging stock. When we become born again, our priority becomes the maintenance of our hearts because it is the home to where all things (good or bad) begin. Therefore, it should be a routine of ours, to recognize and turn over every heavy weight that binds our hearts. If we do not confront and deal with the hidden sin in our hearts that bore and shaped us, it will continue to pile up, slowly causing us to unravel and eventually lead to an unexpected break.

My challenge to myself and to you is to do a “routine maintenance check” on your heart and search for what could potentially cause us to snap.


About ThasiaAwad

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm Thasia Awad, author of Lord Make Me Good Ground: A Personal Journey to Cultivating the Heart and Promoting Lasting Fruit. This book was written from a personal desire to become good ground, like the one Jesus spoke of in The Parable of the Sower. Before my pursuit, I thought this meant that I had to make sure I was the most presentable, respectable and upright Christian I could be in order to reap a harvests of good rewards from God. As this pursuit grew, I realized that the way I perceived the parable was all wrong because my heart was wrong and even though I looked the part, I rarely dealt with my heart issues therefore, never truly fruitful. As this parable unraveled and came alive in my life, the Lord showed me that He was not interested in making my outward man look good, but He was pursuing after the inner man (my heart) so that I could truly be good, which I also found was no one person’s job! This journey has challenged me in every way, to dig beyond the surface of my existence and has stripped me of superficial and worldly thinking of what it means to be fruitful. As a result, God was able to reach into my inner man and confront my secret motives, desires and the bondage of my subconscious mind that kept me unfruitful. I am still on my journey but I am also on a new journey that includes helping others to become more self aware of the issues that lie deep within their hearts in hopes to begin a path true fruitfulness in their lives.
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7 Responses to Snapped!

  1. tauja345 says:

    I agree so much with this topic your touching on today.. It’s a global out cry that is apart of everyday life seemingly unnoticed.


  2. Thelma says:

    Philippians 2:13
    For it is God who works in you, both, to will and to do for His good pleasure.

    Pastor Prince writes,
    Beloved, look to Gods grace to do what you cannot do. Say, “Lord, I cannot, but You can!” Then, what you experience will not only be behavior modification, but true and lasting inward transformation!


  3. thasia1980 says:

    Pastor Prince knew what he was talking about!!!


  4. Gwen says:

    It has often been a question from me to the Lord, what would make a born again believer make a conscience choice to commit a horrific crime and or even go back to a dark place after years of deliverance and living and walking with Jesus? I’m not judging anyone because I do believe each and every person has the capability of snapping for what ever reason and or inviting sin into our lives willingly, still the question remains what would make one give up everything we have or had with Jesus to walk on the dark side of life knowing the consequences are going to be devastating once our sin is uncovered? So I guess when one is faced with troubles of the heart I agree with Tha’sia on the topic of Lord Make Me Good Ground, we should daily as the scripture says search our hearts and allow the holy spirit to lead into all truth and understanding.


    • ThasiaAwad says:

      I really appreciate the question you posed, “what would make a born again Believer make a conscience choice to commit a horrific crime and or even go back to a dark place after years of deliverance and living and walking with Jesus?”
      And what I want to highlight is the word Believers because it’s not just non Believers who are susceptible to committing crazy acts. I feel like some people think that Believers only struggle with things like little white lies or saying a little curse word here and there but actually every single human being is capable of walking on the dark side if we don’t clean out and then guard our hearts. It is those “little things” that grow up and mature, that become our down fall. However, the thing that sets us apart from a non Believer is the fact that we have God’s Holy Spirit within us and as long as we submit to His leading and guidance (which is the process of our spiritual transformation), we will not fulfill what the world or the flesh desires!

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      • Gwen says:

        Amen, I agree. This my sisters and brothers requires a daily renewing of the mind and soul, I believe.


  5. tauja345 says:

    This is so true.. Prayers going up for us all!


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