Wounded is the New Lost (Part 1)

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Earlier this week, I ran into an old friend from my teenage years at the grocery store. Although I was overly excited to see her, I noticed that she was happy yet more reserved as we greeted one another with a hug and kiss. I tried to apologize for my overzealous reaction but I get so thrilled to see people from my childhood whenever I get to dive into reminiscent moments of my foolish days. While we continued talking about who all we keep in contact with and lost touch with, I couldn’t help to wonder why one of my former closest friends was so reserved and distant while talking with me. I then shifted the conversation to ask how she was doing; that is, how she was doing in her heart. She responded with, “I’m doing okay…I work a lot…” I then asked her the typical question any Christian asks someone they haven’t seen in a while, “What church do you go to?” Or, “Do you still go to the same church?” However, I didn’t ask her simply because I wanted to carelessly shift the conversation. I usually ask this question whenever I see a Christian brother or sister who seems somehow unsettled or weary in their countenance. As simple as this question is, it lets me know if someone is “connected” or not or maybe they are connected to the church but wounded.

When my sister, my childhood friend, answered with so much disgust, “I don’t go to church”, I knew that she was not only disconnected but she was also wounded. Standing before me was this young lady who grew up in the church her whole life, knew the power of God and had a relationship with him, who sharply and unwelcomely told me that she doesn’t go to church at all. She then turns the question back to me and asked if I still go to church. When I said yes she seemed shocked; almost as if I was doing something outdated. She then attempted to discreetly and indirectly let me know of some of the hurts that the church has brought her and her loved ones over the years and she concluded with, “I’m happy to see that you are doing good and going to church but not everyone is there yet.” As I looked in her eyes, I knew exactly what she was talking about because she and I together have had some of our most tormenting experiences that’s hidden underneath the threshing floor of the church. Sadly, she had to leave because her children were getting restless so I didn’t get the chance to give her my testimony of healing and hope. Nonetheless, my encounter with an old friend led me to take a few days to discuss this subject matter: 

The Wounded: An Overlooked Population within the Church

I believe that many churches/organizations are doing a phenomenal job with reaching those we call lost (those who don’t know Christ and or haven’t received him as their Lord and Savior) through different missions and evangelistic movements but now there are a growing number of people within the body of Christ who have fallen into the trenches of a hopeless, lost and dying world; those who may consider themselves at some point in time a Christian but are either on the brink of leaving or who already have left the church; they are the wounded.

If I can have a little bit of your time for the next few days, I would like to dive a little deeper into this somewhat “hidden breakdown” within the body of Christ with hopes to shed light on a much needed discussion and bring restoration to those who may feel forgotten.

Throughout this article, there are some questions/comments I want to address:

  1. How important is the wounded to God?
  2. How does the wounded resemble the lost?
  3. What is the affect this group is having on the Church today?
  4. Reaching out to the wounded
  5. Whose job is it?

Stay tuned!

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About ThasiaAwad

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm Thasia Awad, author of Lord Make Me Good Ground: A Personal Journey to Cultivating the Heart and Promoting Lasting Fruit. This book was written from a personal desire to become good ground, like the one Jesus spoke of in The Parable of the Sower. Before my pursuit, I thought this meant that I had to make sure I was the most presentable, respectable and upright Christian I could be in order to reap a harvests of good rewards from God. As this pursuit grew, I realized that the way I perceived the parable was all wrong because my heart was wrong and even though I looked the part, I rarely dealt with my heart issues therefore, never truly fruitful. As this parable unraveled and came alive in my life, the Lord showed me that He was not interested in making my outward man look good, but He was pursuing after the inner man (my heart) so that I could truly be good, which I also found was no one person’s job! This journey has challenged me in every way, to dig beyond the surface of my existence and has stripped me of superficial and worldly thinking of what it means to be fruitful. As a result, God was able to reach into my inner man and confront my secret motives, desires and the bondage of my subconscious mind that kept me unfruitful. I am still on my journey but I am also on a new journey that includes helping others to become more self aware of the issues that lie deep within their hearts in hopes to begin a path true fruitfulness in their lives.
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8 Responses to Wounded is the New Lost (Part 1)

  1. Tay, thanks and blessings for this post! I’ll highlight it on the Christian Poets & Writers blog http://www.christianpoetsandwriters.com and pray for God’s healing over your friend and all the wounded Christians in the aching Body of Christ.

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  2. Timiko Long says:

    Thanks Tay! I love this!

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  3. So very important to address the root cause of this matter. The spirit of offensive has its way of ravishing through the body of Christ like a plague eating at the very core of our being. As all things that are contrary to God’s Grace and perfect will for our lives, belong homeless and not having a covering for ourselves, often leads many into spiritual anorexia, hopelessness and dispair. Thanks for sharing this needed address!

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    • ThasiaAwad says:

      Yes Shira and I’d like to take it a step further and call it abuse and neglect because people usually see an offense a as an issue brought about by our own personal perception of a matter therefore us needing to deal with it on our own. But when it is blatant abuse and neglect towards the things of God, it forces us to look at the “root cause” of those who have been offended.
      Thank you again for sharing


  4. Tierra Mcneal says:

    Thanks Tay for bringing issues to light that some may bury deep inside them selves. These are the very things that need to be addressed.

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