Lord, Make Me Good Ground was written out of Thasia’s building personal desire to begin her pursuit for the true meaning of “good ground.” She desired to be what Jesus spoke of in “The Parable of the Sower” for two reasons: First, Thasia wanted to produce good fruit and prosper in her life’s activities. Second, she believed that Christians are simply meant to be that good, fertile soil. Initially, she thought that meant being the most presentable, respectable, and upstanding Christian possible, in order to reap the harvests of God’s Word. As time passed, she perceived the parable differently, noticing that her heart was in the wrong place. As the story unraveled and came alive, the Lord showed Thasia that He was not interested in making her look superficially good, but was instead pursuing her heart (which she realized was no one person’s job alone).

This journey challenged Thasia to dig beneath the surface of her existence and strip away her worldly thinking. As a result, God was able to reach in and confront her secret motives, desires, and bondages her subconscious put in place to keep her unfruitful. By doing so, He gave her a good heart by the power of the Holy Spirit; the Almighty God reconstructed Thasia’s entire view of what it meant to be good ground and the harvest produced. With this knowledge, she recommitted herself to spreading the good news of the Lord.

Lord, Make Me Good Ground, is not limited in who it can reach. Whether you are thinking of becoming a Christian, in the beginning stages of Christianity, or a long-standing disciple, this book addresses issues every Christian must grow through in order to truly become good ground for the Kingdom.


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  1. jodiesdye says:

    Good ground is what I desire for my heart. I want the Lord to break up any fallow ground and make my heart soft and ready to bear His fruit.


  2. Tierra Mcneal says:

    Its very inspiring it makes me more curious to know what all is within me that have been left buried in the bottom my heart it just makes me want to ask God to make me aware of anything buried at the bottom of my heart and help me to deal with them so that you can make me good ground Lord. Amen


    • ThasiaAwad says:

      Yes Tierra! It’s very important for us to be more conscious of what’s in our heart. Afterwards, we need to address it no matter how small we think it is. If it is contrary to who God says we should be, we need to eradicate it!


  3. Dichele Parker says:

    I am so excited to read this book! I pray that God will break this ground Im standing on even now as I type. Turn my soil.. pull out all the weeds…and plant seeds that only he can water!!!


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