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From the Wilderness to the Promised Land: Don’t Bring the Baggage!


Lately I’ve been using this really neat app to video chat back and forth to a very dear friend of mine in South Carolina. It’s been so much fun getting to see her beautiful, bright-eyed face and her lovely family as I’ve not seen her in years. Since being adapted to this new technology, we’ve been video chatting every week- sometimes three or four times a day!

Not too long ago I went to an event where I was able to meet lots of new people doing lots of great things for God. I had a good time but came home a little overwhelmed and perplexed- but I didn’t know exactly why. So, I was getting ready to video chat with my friend to talk about each other’s day (as our new normal) but then I felt like I needed to first quiet myself and find out why I left the event deluged in my feelings. While reflecting on the evening, I suddenly realized that I’m overwhelmed because so many new things has been taking place in my life. I’m surrounded by new people who hardly know me and I them, new relationships, new goals and even new challenges in my life. Not to mention me- I mean, who am I these days? You’d think I would’ve been excited after realizing this but this revelation just seemed to make me more anxious.  I began to miss my old relationships, old the places I use to go and things I use to be. No matter how lethal some of it may be to my current growth, my old place still brought me comfort- it’s my familiar place and for a brief moment, I desired to go back.

As I sat at my dining room table overcome with sentiments of pity, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind something my former pastor used to say all the time and recently wrote a book entitled, Don’t Die in Your Wilderness. Then the Holy Spirit gently let me know that I didn’t die in any of my wilderness experiences nonetheless, the concern was making sure I didn’t bring the baggage from there into my “Promised Land”. What did He mean by this? Well, to make things more clearly to me, He brought to my memory a reoccurring, childhood dream I had up until about my teen years:

I was married and had two sons and a daughter (which is what I have now). My family was very successful and we wanted for nothing. However, it was the most annoying dream to keep having. I say this because in the dream, I was hardly able to enjoy anything- I always had dozens of strings tied to my hands and feet and sometimes connected to these strings were garbage-like bags. Throughout the dream I found myself cutting away at these strings so much that I missed other events that happened inside the dream-and they still kept growing back. Even as a child these dreams were very frustrating for me.

However, I loved how all of this came together for me because I had always wondered why I had the same bothersome dream for years! After experiencing this epiphany, the Holy Spirit led me to understand how that dream tied into what I was experiencing that night.

In my dream I was in a promised land- a place that I “crossed over” to by way of overcoming and walking through various trials and tribulations in my life. In my dream I was always in a good place. However, the strings and garbage-like bags represented useless and harmful things that were still attached to me and they kept growing back because I believe, in some way they were a part of me and to be quite honest with you, they were things I may have found comfort in- my familiar place. Yet, they were also things that kept me held back from truly appreciating where I was by keeping me distracted with its entanglements. So what does all of this mean? Let’s start by defining wilderness.

What is a Wilderness Experience?

A wilderness experience is the tough or tumultuous times in a Believer’s life that must be endured but is never meant to be a final destination. Instead, follows a success of some kind-spiritual or natural- your “Promised Land”. There are many biblical examples of people who went through wilderness experiences- Job, Elijah, Jacob, Paul, Jesus and of course The People of Israel. Some endured through their wilderness experiences, some stayed stuck, some overcame and were able to bask in the blessings that succeeded their trials- and sadly some overcame yet brought their baggage with them (Jacob’s wife Rachael in Gen. 31)hence, creating a barrier to their growth.

Dropping the Baggage

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from, everyone has seasons of wilderness- a time in your life where you experience some kind of hardship or struggle. Unfortunately, some don’t make it out- but others do!

Today, I’m writing mainly to those who have made it out and overcame a wilderness experience and is now in a good place- you may be experiencing some of the same feelings I was (and still am). You may have crossed over into a good place in your life yet you can’t tell because it’s not your normal yet.  Or maybe you have a hard time accepting it because there is so much baggage (bad attitudes and behaviors, negative thinking, distrust, unforgiveness…etc.) you’re carrying with you from your violent wilderness experiences that you can’t really embrace the new place your in.

Whatever the case may be we must learn how to drop the baggage! I believe we do this by digging out the root. Scripture says that the Holy Spirit is given to us to comfort, lead and guide us into all truth (John 16:13). Therefore, we must allow God’s Spirit to reveal to us the baggage we are carrying around and where does its root lie-we must get down to the heart of the matter-not just so we can grow but so we can also enjoy our growth!

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Learning How to Let God Love Me

Hay Family! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry. It’s mostly due to the fact that my focus has shifted to other matters that’s taking up most of my attention. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and studying for this new journey our God has me on. While being on this journey, he also has me in a place where I’m constantly encountering and mentoring people who are confused about their faith and those who have left their faith altogether. So sad. So I’ve been having to ask God to unceasingly give me the wisdom I need for me to deliver his Word with love, truth and clarity. On top of all of this, I see my family as a whole (and individually), shifting into new seasons. It’s a place I’ve never been so I’m definitely occupied.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve noticed myself slipping into this vulnerable state where I’m battling with insecurities, self-consciousness, discouragement and even physically fatigue at times. It’s been very frustrating for me.

Since feeling like this, I’ve been holding on (a little tighter than normal) to a weekly women’s bible study life group I’m a part of and I must tell you that every time I go there, I’m renewed with so much strength from these beautiful women I’m surrounded by. All I can say is that I’m truly grateful for this life group because whenever I attend I get just what I’ve been needing. Like this past Wednesday, I went to the life group pretty heart-heavy and perplexed but couldn’t quite pinpoint some of my issues… or the answers to them. Have you ever been in this position? Well, while in our study, I received the answer to every single thing that was weighing heavy on me and it was wrapped in a beautiful little gift from Nancy, a gentle sister in the Lord who said,

“You need to take time to let God love you. He’s longing for your presence and to shower His love on you, after all, He paid a High price for it!”

There it was, the solution my soul was thirsty for!

During my personal devotion time, I study, pray and recite but I haven’t been feeling any of it but only seeming like routine. I haven’t been believing it either. Because of this, I’ve been leaving out of God’s Presence the same way I came in; insecure, defeated, discouraged, and self-conscious.  When Ms. Nancy made that comment it was as if my parched soul found a lush spring. Afterwards, I went home and I just cried because I realized that there were areas in my life where I haven’t let Him love me and that He has paid a costly price just to have a sincere relationship with me. This was an overwhelming reminder for me.

Lately, I’ve been praying for God to let me be used for others and He has but I forgot my personal need for him. I need him for myself too. I need his love too.


Sometimes we get so caught up in being givers of God’s love that we forget how to be receivers of God’s love. I’ve been needing his love you guys! And I needed to let him love on me. This season of my life has not changed. In fact it’s just begun. However, I now have the answer to everything I will encounter in this season and yet another mission to acquire; learning how to let Him love me.


Stay in His Peace,


Thasia Awad

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Wounded is the New Lost (Part 3)

wounded pic

Before I continue from where I left off on yesterday, I would like to take time to thank everyone who posted their comments and concerns regarding this topic. This article has reached many people including people who wouldn’t normally entertain my style of writing. This lets me know that this is a serious concern within our Faith and if we continue to encourage an open and healthy dialogue between one another, we can take better steps towards restoring the wounded lost sheep of God (while retaining those we’ve won to Christ).

I recently went to a biblical counseling seminar and there was one thing that stuck out in my mind that the instructor mentioned:

‘People will come once you allow them to address their issues’

I would like to add to that and say: the wounded people of God will be restored once the Church acknowledges, reaches out to them and allow them to address their wounds. If the Church doesn’t make God’s wounded sheep a priority it will be hard for them to find a way to come back and they will be left as prey to those who pretend to profess Christ or to a whole other ideology of thinking that’s contrary to The Gospel.

What if some argue,

This isn’t a major issue in the church because those who have left the church because of being wounded is not a part of the majority” or “Most of the time people who leave the church are those who have taken offense so it’s up to them to find their way back”?

I would first have to expose the fact that people usually see an offense as an issue brought about by someone’s own personal perception of a matter and as a result, them (the offended) needing to deal with it on their own. But it’s the blatant abuse and neglect towards the things of God that drives people out of the house of God, not a simple offense. Furthermore, I would point them to the parables of The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin and The Lost Son (Matthew 18 & Luke 15) where Jesus emphasizes the extreme measures our Heavenly Father will take even for one of His children who has become lost. Therefore, I can’t express enough how important this issue is to God and should be to us.

Now, yesterday I left off with passages from Ezekiel 34 that pertained to a harsh word against the shepherds of Israel due to their abuse and disregard in caring for God’s people. God blamed the shepherds for not making his people a priority and as a result, lost them and became prey to the enemies of God. God gave them the responsibility of leading, guiding and nourishing his people. Instead, these shepherds abused their titles and neglected their responsibilities. Even after doing all of this, they could’ve possibly redeemed themselves in the sight of God. Yes, I truly believe God would have had a change of heart towards the shepherds if they would’ve at least gone out to look for them but they were too busy fulfilling what mattered to themselves.

The affect the wounded lost has on the Church today.

In essence, a wounded brother can lead to an immobile brother and eventually an exiled brother.

Some may think this isn’t a matter worth bringing up but we should be more open to addressing all issues that pertain to the body of Christ. Why? Because if left unaddressed, will eventually hinder the Body of Christ and can lead to God’s direct judgement. Honestly, this part is a bit difficult for me to address because these days, people don’t like to talk about being judged for lack of accountability. Nevertheless, as uncomfortable this subject may be, we have to talk about the things we are held responsible for as God’s overseers if we want to grow and promote healing.

Reaching Out to the Wounded

Anne Peterson, a fellow blogger at www.annepeterson.com has been following this subject with us and she made a comment that gave me insight as to why the wounded lost are now also an unreached population. She said:

“Perhaps it’s easier to pursue the unreached, those far away. They can be counted more easily. Those with wounds take longer. The wounded have messy lives. And some just don’t think it’s worth their time. But one of the saddest things is this, some label the wounded as those unwilling to get help. And some are unable.”

This couldn’t be truer! Encountering those who have been wounded by the Church does seem to bring about muddled situations mainly stemming from trust issues (which is once again a topic within itself) the wounded have against the Church. However, we should feel the same way God feels about them and have the same care for them as He does because He has called us to go beyond the kind of faith that only reaches ourselves but to produce the kind of faith that:

loose the bonds of wickedness,
undo the heavy burdens,
let the oppressed go free,
break every yoke,
causes us to share with the hungry,
bring to our house the poor who are cast out [by those who have abused them] and to
clothe and cover the naked.

(Isaiah 58:6, 7 Paraphrased. Brackets mine)

Whose Job is it?

In Ezekiel 34, God expressed that it was the job of the shepherds (which were the priests) to go out and find His lost and abused sheep. So, we would then naturally translate the shepherds in Ezekiel to be the pastors of our churches. However, biblically, a shepherd of God was a task that was given to several different groups of people in leadership which included the priests first, then the Levites, kings, princes and judges. Translated into our time, shepherds are not just the pastors but it’s also anyone who God gives the influence to lead, guide and facilitate growth and development towards his children. When we see it from this aspect, it’s our pastors, teachers, preachers, parents and mentors who are accountable to God for making sure His sheep are taken care of; those who have authority and influence over another.

Tools needed to seek the wounded lost

I felt like it was important to conclude with a model of some of the things I believe every church needs to start seeking the wounded lost. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen these implemented in a few churches but I’m convinced that if we would implement these tools in every Christian church, it would began the restoration process:

  1. Creating and implementing a counseling team

Equip the mature in Christ who have a desire to counsel and develop a team that includes understanding confidentiality, follow up, and accountability to the pastor as well as to one another. Counseling is an underutilized gift that brings healing and restoration to the wounded and it doesn’t have to be solely the job of the pastor but also to everyone who God holds responsible for making sure his sheep are taken care of.

  1. Create an outreach team

Those who have been wounded by the church are less likely to want to come back so we have to go to them! When we encounter them, the last thing that may want to talk about is visiting your church. This will take time. So start off by asking God to help you meet their needs. Creating an outreach team is a great way to help bind the wounds of the wounded. 

  1. Pray for the wounded

Helping people get past devastating hurts may take some time so we must never minimize, dumb down or overlook their experiences. Although we have so many things that we need to pray for concerning the body of Christ, we should still include the wounded in our prayers because it’s still a very important issue to God. Remember, God placed a horrendous judgement on the shepherds of Israel because his sheep became lost and wounded.

My prayer is for every Christian church to implement these things into their ministry. Although it may not be a full answer, it’s a start!

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Wounded is the New Lost (Part 2)

wounded pic

Before we get into part two of the discussion of our wounded brothers and sisters, I would like to take time to say that this subject is in no way a vehicle to bash or blame members of the body of Christ but only to bring awareness to something that hinders and in some cases cause us to fall away from our faith. As we observe this situation, we must not neglect the fact that the Christian Church has come a long way from when we first began and we should take privilege in the fact that we are one of few faiths that gives its members the freedom to examine its belief system for the sake of growth and development. Therefore, examining our faith along with its distressing dilemmas is a necessity because it helps us to remember that the Almighty God has entrusted a supreme treasure, the Gospel, inside the hearts of feeble, fallible earthen vessels who will always need the aid of the One who has entrusted us to the task of delivering it. With that in mind, it’s essential to bring topics like this to the light because it gives us an opportunity to turn to Him so that he may give us the grace we need be better as a whole.

How does the wounded resemble the “unreached” lost?

Before I address how God feels about the wounded, I felt like we needed to become more aware of who the wounded are and why they are “lost”.

If I were to retitle this blog it would be, Wounded is the New Unreached because when we think of someone who is lost, we think of those who have not accepted salvation and therefore lacks eternal life with Christ (or at least this is what I thought). When missionaries go to far away countries where there are “unreached” territories, they say they’re “reaching the lost” but some would argue that if they’ve yet to accept salvation, they’re not lost at all (I can elaborate on this in a later topic) but those who are in fact lost have actually accepted Christ’s salvation and are considered part of God’s family but have somehow been led away from the fold. However, for the sake of simplicity, if we’re going to consider the “unreached” the lost then there is another type of lost who, in my opinion are quite unreached as well; who the Word of God expresses a very strong desire to touch; the wounded lost.

The Wounded are not the “unreached” population of the world who have absolutely no knowledge or relationship with Christ. In fact, the wounded lost know, believe and have accepted the salvation of Christ and some may even maintain their relationships with God. Nonetheless, they resemble the “unreached” in a sense that they too have a hard time seeing their way and acknowledging the importance of being connected. Yet, unlike the unreached people of the world, it’s their wounds they’ve suffered at the hands of a fellow brother or sister that keeps them isolated from the fold and have blinded them from finding their way back.

How important is the wounded to God?

To be honest with you, I don’t believe I have it within my natural self to express the absolute importance the wounded are to God. So, as I was doing my study, I was led to Ezekiel 34 where the priest Ezekiel received a message from the Lord regarding the shepherds of Israel which says:

And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy and say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God to the shepherds: “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the flock. The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them. So they were scattered because there was no shepherd; and they became food for all the beasts of the field when they were scattered. My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and on every high hill; yes, My flock was scattered over the whole face of the earth, and no one was seeking or searching for them.

‘Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: As I live,” says the Lord God, “surely because My flock became a prey, and My flock became food for every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, nor did My shepherds search for My flock, but the shepherds fed themselves and did not feed My flock”— therefore, O shepherds, hear the word of the Lord! 10 Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I am against the shepherds, and I will require My flock at their hand; I will cause them to cease feeding the sheep, and the shepherds shall feed themselves no more; for I will deliver My flock from their mouths, that they may no longer be food for them.”

The temperature in this message makes it somewhat uncomfortable for me to continue on. However, my prayer is that the message I’m trying to relay is received properly and without offense.

When we study the text above, we see that the sheep are scattered not because they simply chose to wonder off but because they were being abused and neglected in many different ways and judging from the content, God was livid at seeing his sheep (his people) wondering all around, lost, hungry and subjected to vicious prey.

Tomorrow, I want to take a closer look at Ezekiel 34 as I believe it will help answer the questions within this subject matter.

Stay connected with me as we find out:

What are the affects the wounded is having on the church today?

How to reach out to the wounded

Whose job is it?

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Wounded is the New Lost (Part 1)

wounded pic

Earlier this week, I ran into an old friend from my teenage years at the grocery store. Although I was overly excited to see her, I noticed that she was happy yet more reserved as we greeted one another with a hug and kiss. I tried to apologize for my overzealous reaction but I get so thrilled to see people from my childhood whenever I get to dive into reminiscent moments of my foolish days. While we continued talking about who all we keep in contact with and lost touch with, I couldn’t help to wonder why one of my former closest friends was so reserved and distant while talking with me. I then shifted the conversation to ask how she was doing; that is, how she was doing in her heart. She responded with, “I’m doing okay…I work a lot…” I then asked her the typical question any Christian asks someone they haven’t seen in a while, “What church do you go to?” Or, “Do you still go to the same church?” However, I didn’t ask her simply because I wanted to carelessly shift the conversation. I usually ask this question whenever I see a Christian brother or sister who seems somehow unsettled or weary in their countenance. As simple as this question is, it lets me know if someone is “connected” or not or maybe they are connected to the church but wounded.

When my sister, my childhood friend, answered with so much disgust, “I don’t go to church”, I knew that she was not only disconnected but she was also wounded. Standing before me was this young lady who grew up in the church her whole life, knew the power of God and had a relationship with him, who sharply and unwelcomely told me that she doesn’t go to church at all. She then turns the question back to me and asked if I still go to church. When I said yes she seemed shocked; almost as if I was doing something outdated. She then attempted to discreetly and indirectly let me know of some of the hurts that the church has brought her and her loved ones over the years and she concluded with, “I’m happy to see that you are doing good and going to church but not everyone is there yet.” As I looked in her eyes, I knew exactly what she was talking about because she and I together have had some of our most tormenting experiences that’s hidden underneath the threshing floor of the church. Sadly, she had to leave because her children were getting restless so I didn’t get the chance to give her my testimony of healing and hope. Nonetheless, my encounter with an old friend led me to take a few days to discuss this subject matter: 

The Wounded: An Overlooked Population within the Church

I believe that many churches/organizations are doing a phenomenal job with reaching those we call lost (those who don’t know Christ and or haven’t received him as their Lord and Savior) through different missions and evangelistic movements but now there are a growing number of people within the body of Christ who have fallen into the trenches of a hopeless, lost and dying world; those who may consider themselves at some point in time a Christian but are either on the brink of leaving or who already have left the church; they are the wounded.

If I can have a little bit of your time for the next few days, I would like to dive a little deeper into this somewhat “hidden breakdown” within the body of Christ with hopes to shed light on a much needed discussion and bring restoration to those who may feel forgotten.

Throughout this article, there are some questions/comments I want to address:

  1. How important is the wounded to God?
  2. How does the wounded resemble the lost?
  3. What is the affect this group is having on the Church today?
  4. Reaching out to the wounded
  5. Whose job is it?

Stay tuned!

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Hurting People Hurt People but Healed People Heal Others: Who’s going to Rise Up, be Healed and Go Heal?

healing hands

Some time ago, I was listening to a beautiful and gifted sister in the Lord, talk to me about how hurt and offended she was towards some family members and friends that were once dear to her. She went on to explain to me that what hurt her more than the offenses themselves was that everyone who has hurt her during that season of her life seemed to minimize how they hurt her or was careless about her feelings altogether. After having a stream of different conversations with her, I started to see how her current offenses connected to her past offenses which appeared to have overwhelmed and skewed her entire perception of all people. I then began to see how she perceived others and noticed that she had prejudices about almost everyone she encountered. She had no trust for anyone, especially if they resembled those who hurt her. It seemed like no one met her standards of being a Christian or a genuinely good person for that matter. She would actually look for a flaw or a struggle in others then shred them down to meaningless in her mind. As a result, she had a new wall up against them and the next time she encountered them they could only get as close as the wall she had built up for them. My heart ached for her because even though she was very smart and gifted, her pain held her hostage and isolated her from almost everyone around her. It also tainted the beautiful gifts she had inside of her to the point where her pain was far more noticeable than her talents. I could see that she wanted to love but it seemed like she forgot how. I could even see that she really wanted to trust and give people the benefit of the doubt but her past offenses wouldn’t let her do that. It was almost like in her mind, everyone was some kind of an enemy to her. However, the worst thing about her situation was not about who all hurt her but to me, it was about all those she was hurting. Next to that is the fact that just like her offenders, she also had no clue of the damage she was causing in her current and potential relationships.

What’s interesting to me is that before I met this young lady, God was dealing with me on letting go of my past hurts and offenses because I too had begun hurting others as a result. God had to show me how I had allowed years of offenses and unforgiveness to dim His light and hide all the gifts he’s placed inside me to the point where no one could see it at all. Instead, all they saw was a bitter woman who was drowning herself in her pain.

Throughout our relationship, I continued spending time with her and sharing with her the things God was teaching me regarding the very issue she was dealing with.  I told her about how God, ever so soothingly, spoke into my heart as he addressed my pain. He said, “Hurting people hurt people but healed people go out and heal people. Who’s going to rise up from their hurt and pain and go heal?”

  1. Rise Up

When God addressed me about the hurt and offenses I was carrying in my heart, he reminded me that since we live in such a fallen and broken world that’s filled with hate, offenses and death, we’re bound to get caught in the crossfire on the warfare of good and evil and get wounded from time to time which means, we get caught in the crossfire of one another’s issues that leave us wounded. When The Lord told me to rise up, I felt like I was the man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5:1-15 who was troubled with an infirmity for thirty-eight years. Jesus, seeing that the man had been suffering from his condition for a long time asked him,

“Do you want to be made well?” (vs. 6 NKJV)

He did not walk up to the man and ask, “Who did this to you?” or “Why are you like this?” God already knew the answers to these questions. He only needed an answer to one question: Do you want to be healed? Unfortunately, most of us would say in our hearts, what the man with the infirmity said. The man said,

“Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.” (vs. 7 NKJV)

Just like this man, we also want it to be known why we are in the conditions that we’re in. We want God and everyone else to know who offended us and caused our hearts to bleed with pain. However, Scripture tells us that Jesus already knew that this man had been suffering for a long time but Jesus didn’t inquire of it. Although I think it’s very necessary to figure out the whys and the hows of our pain, when we enter into the presence of The Almighty Creator, Healer and loving Savior, none of that matters because God is able to rectify all of that!

I believe when the Lord meets us at the crossroads of hurt and healing, he only wants us to acknowledge that we are wounded vessels who’s in desperate need of his healing and need to receive that healing from only him. After we’ve acknowledge the fact that we’ve been walking around and living our lives through our hurt and pain, Jesus then challenges us, just like he challenged the man at the pool of Bethesda, to rise up from it!

  1. Be Healed

When Jesus told the man at the pool to pick up his bed, I believe in essence, he was telling him to clean out the area that was once reserved for his condition. I believe Jesus wanted that man to realize that he no longer had to sleep in the place where he was suffering but he could now pick up his bed and set it in his new place of healing. Likewise, when Jesus calls us to rise up and pick up our beds, he wants us to evict ourselves from the pain we dwell in and instead live and remain in the healing he provides for us.

  1. Go Heal

After Jesus told the man to rise and pick up his bed, he told him to walk. He didn’t say it to prove that the man was healed because he already proved it by the man rising. This part of the passage may seem insignificant to some but it can mean so much to those who need it. When Jesus told this man to walk, he was also encouraging him to move forward in his life through the healing that was provided for him and as a result his walking provided a door of healing for others. Can you imagine what it was like seeing a man who had been bound by his condition for almost four decades walking? I’m sure that whoever seen that man wanted to meet the one who healed him!

When we walk in the healing the Lord provides for us, it becomes a beacon that points to the way of healing for others. Not only that, but our walk also points to our lifestyle. When we live a lifestyle of healing we bring healing to others and this is where God desires us to be.

In my case, The Lord challenged me to rise up from the bondage of shame,  unforgiveness and resentment then he challenged me to remove myself from all the hurt and pain I was living in because I had been sleeping there for too long. After I received his healing for my own broken and weary soul, He used me to go out and extend healing to someone else.

This is what God wants to do with all of us. He wants people who will accept his healing by rising up, remove themselves from the emotional baggage we once called home and go out and heal others in order to draw them back to him.

Hurting people hurt people but healed people heal others. Who will rise up, be healed and go heal?


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